Detoxicate with Chlorella

A few grams of Chlorella a day are sufficient to detoxify the organism in a natural way. As they are present in the environment in various places, the prisons are able to penetrate our body insidiously through the food chain. Furthermore, tooth amalgams and electromagnetic pollution also weigh on our organism, because of their toxicity. The invisible and odorless character of the polluants make them impossible to protect yourself from them. Ans yet, it is not impossible to protect yourself from them ! learn to evaluate your personal risk coefficient and discover everything about detoxication of amalgams, by means of Chlorella.

How Chlorella fights poisons

As from 1970, scientists have been studying  the following question extensively: why does chlorella pyrenoidosa have the very particular property of detoxicating.
Laboratory  research shows that no other alga, not even algae of the same family, as for example chlorella vulgaris, reaches such results. The research projects, the long years of study and experience finally brought to light part of the secret of this unique natural detoxicating substance, chlorella pyrenoidosa


In principle, chlorella  detoxicates, removing heavy metals just as well as numerous organic detergents, insecticides and pesticides. It possesses three extremely resistant layers of protection, shielding the essential substances which are the basis of the detoxifying properties of chlorella pyrenoidosa.


The thickest cellular membrane and the medium sized one bind toxic substances. They are composed of cellulose microfibrils which form a very structured network in which the heavy metal molecules stay captive, like in a net


Furthermore, chlorella’s medium cell membrane contains sporopollein, a substance which irreversibly binds the toxic materials


Chlorella is mainly constituted of a great variety of proteins which are very effective in binding heavy metals. Chlorella can therefore absorb enormous quantities of heavy metals without being damaged by them.
At present, about 200 different polluants have been counted along our food chain. In the industrialized countries particularly, it is impossible to escape from these. That is why a regular consumption of chlorella is very sensible and even highly recommended to prevent intoxication.

My tip: In order to eliminate in a general manner, take regular detoxication cures with chlorella. For instance : twice a year, for 8 weeks, take 4 gr of chlorella each day.

Freed from poisons with Chlorella

Chlorella pyrenoidosa has the power to reduce the set of polluants in the human organism and free the box in an equally efficient manner.
Chlorella’s efficiency in detoxicating can be verified by means of excrements analysis, after a chlorella cure. Numerous heavy metals, detergents, alcohol, nicotine and other toxic substances which were stocked in the body cells will thus at last be eliminated.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals are practically present everywhere in our environment  and are in large part concentrated, due to human activity. In fact, most heavy metals do not disintegrate, but on the contrary accumulate in nature and in the human body; hence the importance of purification

Not absorbable by the human body

Heavy metals are poisons for the human body. For a long time, researchers centered their studies on the consequences of severe poisonings, that os on the means of treating people who have absorbed a large quantity of heavy metals in a short time. More recently, since the debate about dentals amalgams, scientists and doctors are taking more and more interest in insidious poisoning, that is « small doses ».
On principle, heavy metals should not be found in our organism. Our body cannot assimilate them nor fight against them, sit has not been « programmed » for detoxication. It will try to neutralize small quantities of heavy metals by depositing them a little all over, but mainly in the adipose cells of the various organs. Test-tube experiments have clearly shown that heavy metals associate with enzymes and other proteins, to form complexes which block the cell metabolism. As a consequence, these cells die. It is therefore undeniable that nearly all heavy metals favor cancer

The most common heavy metals

Cadmium (Cd)

The world production of this heavy metal increases by 10% each year. It is today an integral part of the food chain. It is impossible to protect oneself 100% from cadmium, as it is found in plants cultivated in single crop farms and in drinkable water, for instance. The smoke of one cigarette contains between 0.1 and 0.2 micrograms of cadmium. The body stores it mainly in the renal cortex and this cause kidney trouble.

Lead (Pb)

During tens of years, an anti-detonator was added to car petrol: lead. As a result, today lead compounds are to be found all over the place in our environment, as in our foodstuffs. This metal reacts the same way as calcium in the human body, that is: as from a certain concentration, it is socked in the bones. Children are particularly threatened, as they intestin absorbs 40% more lead than that of adults. Moreover, children’s nervous system is particularly sensitive to lead. A chronic presence  of lead in the bod leads to kidney trouble, to problems in hemoglobin production (in bone marrow, spleen, lymph glands, etc) and to disturbances in the central nervous system.

Mercury (Hg)

Mercury is in all mouths: firstly, in the debate about amalgams and next, as a component of fillings.

Palladium (Pd)

This noble metal is included in combination with gold, silver, nickel and copper and is used for alloys (of great quality), like white gold or dental fillings. it is absorbed through the mouth mucous membrane, then stocked in the brain and this can generate cerebral ailments. Furthermore, palladium ca cause allergies and even bring about cancer.

Electromagnetic pollution

Many people are sensitive to electromagnetic fields, as electric currents also run through the human body It may be that these establish  an interaction with sources of currents, through the nerve network. In a fair number of patients it has been observed that taking chlorella lowers hyperelectrosensitivity. This hypersensitivity can originate from a high concentration of heavy metals in our body - a large concentration of heavy metals in the faces of electrosensitive  patients confirms this. Even in tiny concentration heavy metals disturb intra-cellular exchanges, due to their resemblance to certain electrically charged particles of the human body. The reason is that heavy metals compete with minerals like magnesium, which is also a metal.


Natural radioactivity  has no effect on us. But on the contrary, atomic energy used for industrial and military purposes produces artificial radioactivity, which pollutes the environment and the human body. Medical radiotherapy constitutes another source of radiation. The radioactive substances are heavy metals and this implies that chlorella can eliminate them. People exposed to strong activity should take 10 gr of chlorella every day. If chlorella cannot repair damages caused to healthy tissues by radioactive rays, it can eliminate the radioactive substances, and this is highly recommended.

Other harmful substances


Solvents are produced in large quantities. They enter into the composition of many body care products, cosmetics, cleaning and maintenance products, lacquers and paints. The toxicity for human beings of solvents is well known, but unfortunately legistlators do not attach sufficient importance to this.
The toxic effects of alcohols (contained in the solvents) like isoprene, ethylene, butylene, methylene and benzol are known. Yet, you and your children are exposed to these every day, without even knowing it. As concerns the above mentioned alcohols, also contained in cosmetics and household products, these are absorbed through breath or through the skin and can affect the nervous and immune systems, We are daily in contact with theses alcohols, contained in many shower gels and shampoos. Numerous studies  prove that 4 gr of chlorella a day favor the detoxication process of the organism.


Chlorella strengthens the detoxicating capacity of the liver, as it irreversibly binds toxics substances in the gastro-intestinal tract. They then can be directly eliminated and the decomposition process of the alcohol is reinforced. A study conducted at the Shapporo Medical University (Japan) shows that in 96% of cases the tests who had absorbed a large quantity of alcohol could avoid a « hangover » by taking 4 to 5 gr of Chlorella before. On the other han, friends and acquaintances having experimented this precaution have also confirmed this result.


As already stated, cigarette smoke contains cadmium, a toxic heavy metal, but also 400 other harmful substances. Among smokers, there are at least twice as many amalgam bearers that among non-smokers. Investigations have shown that amalgams lead to a decrease of neurotransmitters in the brain. Yet small quantities of nicotine in the brain increase concentration of different neurotransmitters, This results in improved concentration.

Excerpts from the book « Algae : Super healing qualities for body and spirit » by Dr. med. Frank Liebke

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