Algea: super healing qualities for body and spirit

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Dr Frank Liebke

This book tells you everything about Chlorella

  • Everything about the unique constituents of Chlorella and their benefits for the organism
  • How Chlorella fix toxic substances ?
  • Slimming glently with Chlorella
  • How Chlorella protect against the poisons ?
  • Chlorella and nicotine
  • FAQs about Chlorella
  • Toxic substances in my body
  • And many other subjects

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Dr Liebke earned his medical degree at Hamburg University. During his stay at the Neural Therapy (Santa Fe, USA), where he was doing research with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, he got to know the microalga Chlorella pyrenoidosa.

Since then, he has been actively engaged in research on Chlorella and uses it as therapeutic method in his medical practice in Halstenbeck near Hamburg. 

Furthermore, Dr Liebke is an honorary member of the American Academy of Neural Therapy and often gives lectures and seminars.

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