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NUBIOCELL® is a liquid extract that comes from a selection of the best cells of Chlorella pyrenoidosa. It is a concentrate of CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor).

During the growth of Chlorella pyrenoidosa, each cell divides into four every twenty hours. Scientists have succeeded in isolating the complex of substances that activates this rapid reproduction and have named it CGF.

NUBIOCELL® is an energy concentrate that contains CGF exclusively. Nothing else is added. It is 100% natural.

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Its composition

  • Glycoproteins
  • Soluble vitamins, particularly folic acid and vitamin B12
  • Minerals and trace elements, such as phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium
  • Soluble proteins, which bind heavy metals and excrete them via the bowel
  • 18 amino acids, including the 8 essential ones
  • Substances similar to glutathione, which acts as an antioxidant
  • Chlorellane, which is a natural antibiotic
  • RNA and DNA that boost the regeneration of cells, help to slow down the ageing process and promote healthy growth

Its effects

  • NUBIOCELL® binds toxins and heavy metals and flushes them out naturally
  • It has an anti-oxidising action and therefore helps slow down the ageing process
  • It is a valuable supply of vitamin B12, excellent for those with anaemia
  • It has an anti-fungal action, particularly in fighting against candidiasis
  • It regulates gut flora by boosting the development of beneficial micro-organisms and fighting against infectious agents
  • It strengthens the immune system


How to take it

The effects of NUBIOCELL® are felt in less than an hour and last for several days.

It is recommended that 1 NUBIOCELL® vial is taken every 3 days when you are well and 1 vial is taken per day during intense stress periods (exams, after operations, serious medical treatment, when taking antibiotics, extreme fatigue, etc.)

It should be taken on an empty stomach, on its own or diluted in water or fruit juice.

It is a 100% natural dietary supplement that is beneficial for all the family.

Taken alongside Chlorella, it strengthens the effects of Chlorella, in addition to its own properties, so it is a perfect combination.


1 box contains 10 vials of 10 ml (1 month's treatment). 3 months of treatment is advised for maximum benefits.

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